Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance is not about identifying problems after a fact – it’s about proactively preventing them. BIZSENSE Solutions works keeping same thought and software testing as a major service to offer.

Our primary focus is to work as independent software testing service provider for software products developed by an independent development team. We provide you all the aspects and cultivate the enhancement in your project and ask developers to work on those with precise requirements otherwise which development team won’t do for you. We have the expertise who actually worked extensively in all the domains and have years of experience with execution with respective domains. Apart from providing solutions related to application lifecycle management we also specialize in providing testing services for ‘Cloud’ based applications and products.

We work with ISVs (Independent Software Vendors) who are looking to augment their development teams with professional QA expertise. We do believe in agile working and always on our toes to move ahead with your requirements.

In our view, having a QA team outside the purview of your development team has many major advantages:

  1. For development team, the QA team becomes external and hence becomes the first customer of your product.
  2. Opportunity for developers to influence the QA team is reduced since QA team functions under a completely different chain of command.
  3. Our engagement managers work very closely with your development / product managers to ensure excellent collaboration needed to develop today’s complex software products.
  4. We have a successful track record of running our model with several web and software product companies in retail, healthcare, eCommerce, trading and logistics domain with great results for our clients.

We have team of certified professionals who are experts in different domains, tools and software testing techniques to utilize their skills for your application.

Our Software Services Include:

    1. Test Management
    2. Business Requirement Writing
    3. QA Planning
    4. Mobile Testing
    5. Web Testing