1. A web application developed & designed for mobile devices can be tested to ensure whether its functionality, usability & consistency meets certain set standards, this process is called as Mobile testing.
  2. Mobile testing can be carried out on different mobile OS platforms like Android, ios, Symbian, windows, blackberry..Etc, with a goal to ascertain the compatibility aspect of the concerned software.
  3. Mobile application market has evolved & clearly proved itself to be a successful proposition for small, medium as well as large scale companies looking to launch their own software into the market.
  4. Citing customer feedback, some important functionality of our current client web application is developed for mobile & i-pad devices.
  5. At ‘BIZSENSE’ every new feautre which goes into the mobile app is tracked through different stages of its Release cycle. Being already acquainted with the domain knowledge we task ourselves to ensure that the functionality, UI & usability of mobile application is as close to its web counterpart.
  6. Once a feautre is developed and given to QA, the mobile app is thoroughly tested. Once certified by QA the app is given to the concerned stake holders from client side to get first hand feedback on the application. After incorporating the feedback the app is made available in the App Stores of different mobile operating systems like Android & ios for end users to download and use.
  7. At ‘BIZSENSE’ we offer client the feasibility of scheduling the mobile & web application releases almost in an analogous way so that our client can gain an edge over other competitors in the market.