A good bug tracking system is usually a necessary component of a good software infrastructure and consistent use of a bug tracking system is considered one of the “hallmarks of a good software team. A major component of a bug tracking system is a database that records facts about known bugs. In Bizsense Bug tracking systems are often implemented as a part of integrated project management systems. This approach allows fixing bugs in several product versions, automatic generation of a product knowledge base and release notes.

What We Do and How You Will Benefit

Before starting evaluating bug tracking systems, we make sure to identify requirements for
the system. Understanding these requirements helps to build a list of features helps to guide valuations.
To identify bug tracking requirements, we consider:

  • What are the different roles and responsibilities of the people who will use the system?
  • What is the workflow for managing and resolving bugs?
  • What information do we need to track for each bug?
  • What reports and metrics do we need?

We want to track more than just bugs for which we make sure the bug tracking system can be adapted to track other types of issues. A system that is designed specifically for bug tracking could be hard to adapt, so we use system that provides pre-built templates for tracking different issue types.

We maintain the bug change histories(audit trails), which allow yousu to trace who did what to an issue and when (for example, who raised the priority of a bug).

We use an end to end project management tool called Rally as our Bug Tracking Systems. The tool provide a configurable workflow that allows us to define the steps in
your process and the order of the steps.Workflow is typically modeled as a series of states, such as New, Fixed, and To be Verified. To support process, we add and remove workflow states, as well as define the allowable transitions between states. For example, between Fixed and Closed you may want to add a required Verify Fix state, to ensure that an issue is never closed until after QA verifies the fix.

We provide an effective, hosted task and issue tracking application available to any browser on the internet. This allows you to become operational in minutes instead of weeks or months. We provide world-class solutions for bug tracking and project management: unlimited user and project licenses, requirements documents and change requests, individual and project-level task tracking, custom reports, email notifications, custom fields, customizable discussion forum, file system, test case management & logging, and much more!
With so many features…Bug Tracking, Requirements, Writing Test Cases, Task Tracking, Scheduling, Management just got easier!